Dear Dr. Joe and Kathy Busch, 

We woke up this morning to snow blanketing our home, bestowing a White Christmas wonderland on us for the first time in ten years. What a gift! 

Gazing out at this unexpected gift of nature, I thought of all those souls that are less fortunate and prayed  that they might receive the gift of peace and contentment promised by all the collective good will that comes with this season.  

Last week our area had the highest rate of infection in the nation. Consequently my wife, Linda, and I have “self quarantined” since my TULSA procedure at the Busch Center ten days ago. Traditionally, our  household is filled with the joyful sounds of children opening gifts and sharing joy. Now we look around  our home, unusually blanketed in silence–all the decorations hanging in expectation and the glowing Christmas tree bare of gifts. Par for the course in 2020, yet we are far from melancholy! 

As you know, we have been on my prostate cancer journey for many years–a lot of that time spent under your care and trusted guidance. With Linda’s medical background and my research obsession, we explored all of the other treatments (proton beam, Brachytherapy, robotic surgery, HIFU, FLA). We consulted with the top practitioners in each of these modalities and were always faced with the familiar list of risks and unwelcome changes to our quality of life.  

Our world changed when we received word that you were offering TULSA in the USA. Your dedication to the practice of MR imaging and your compassion and time spent informing us of the state of the research and benefits of the TULSA-Pro option built trust and thoroughly prepared us for what to expect.  

This Christmas we have been blessed with the greatest gift of all. You and your team have lifted the sword of Damocles from over our heads and given us the priceless gift of time and hope. Time, in that the TULSA procedure may extend our healthy life together, and Hope that this procedure is the “cure” that grants us peace of mind and contentment, until Destiny inevitably knocks.  

I read that fellow practitioner Dr. Lumiani of the ALTA Klinik, Germany admonishes his staff with: “The  gratitude of the patient cannot be bought with money, you have to earn it!” 

There are no words or actions that can adequately express our gratitude to you and your team other than a simple heartfelt, “Y’all have earned it….THANK YOU!” 

Merry Christmas 

Patrick and Linda L-B