While Busch Center is rooted in over 40 years of experience with a passion for preserving quality of life for those diagnosed with prostate cancer or BPH, it’s also rooted in the hearts of our founders, Dr. Joe and Kathy Busch. 

What started as a “typical” event inspired Dr. Busch and Kathy to shift their focus from cancer care to prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment. From utilizing PET Scan machines in 1998 to today’s MRI imaging, the knowledge and technology of prostate cancer has grown exponentially. Yet, Busch Center remains one of only a few clinics offering the groundbreaking TULSA (Transurethral Ultrasound Ablation) Procedure and is the #1 private clinic offering TULSA in North America. 

Combating the standard of care offered by most hospitals today, Dr. Busch and Kathy traveled extensively overseas to the Netherlands to learn more about prostate cancer, BPH, MRI and TULSA. Along the way, they met fellow doctors sharing the same passion for men’s health including Dr. Anwar Padhani and Dr. Jelle Barentsz.  

Watch below as Dr. Busch and Kathy share their personal experiences and why they founded Busch Center: