Busch Center is excited to offer a new service for men in search of safe, effective fertility protection. Our sperm analysis and up to 5-year cryostorage kits are available in-center for both TULSA treatment and non-TULSA patients. Collection of samples can be completed in the privacy of your own home and then you take the kit to your nearest UPS for delivery to the lab. Once the specimen has been received by the lab the viability of the sample is tested. Specimens are kept in cryostorage for two years. The lab is CLIA certified, and FDA registered with onsite security 24/7.  

There are several reasons one may wish to preserve their sperm. A prostate cancer diagnosis is certainly one of them. If you’re considering having children, fertility preservation before undergoing any medical procedure is top-of-mind for many patients.

Other reasons to store your sperm may be encouraged by personal or environmental reasons. Perhaps you’re not planning on having children in the immediate future or you’re in a high-risk environment (you’re in the military or exposed to chemicals that impact fertility). Storing sperm gives you time to plan – and more options for the future.

Fertility preservation kits offered at Busch Center are created with the highest standards. The patient-pending stabilization technology protects your specimen while in transit. Each kit is temperature-controlled and contains a preservation solution that extends the life of your sample. At the lab, your sperm is stored at -320 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll also receive access to a secure webpage with your comprehensive and physician-approved semen analysis results. You can take this report to your fertility doctor to discuss; your sperm is available to you when you’re ready to become a parent.

At Busch Center, we maintain a consistent pulse on medical advancements, especially as they pertain to men’s health and better outcomes for our patients. We understand the weight of parentship along with the disruption a prostate cancer diagnosis brings. That’s why we are so passionate about the TULSA treatment, a radiation-free and incision-free treatment which provides comparable or better than outcomes for erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence when compared to other prostate cancer treatment options such as a prostatectomy. No TURP is required with TULSA treatment.

We’re now thrilled to bring this new fertility preservation service to our patients as an added layer of comfort to their healthcare journey. Whether or not you are a TULSA patient of Busch Center, these kits are available to you. Click here to learn more and contact Busch Center today.