When my dad suffered a pulmonary embolism in October of 2021, we were in shock.

At 64 years of age, Morris is a relatively healthy man with no prior issues.

So – after returning home from a six-day stay in the hospital, we began our healing journey.

We embarked on the search for what, exactly, caused this blood clot to form in my father’s leg, break off and travel to his lungs. By all counts, we were blessed he was alive.

As I started researching, one of the causes of a blood clot can be prostate cancer.

Morris’ PSA had been historically high (ranging from 13 – 25). He’d had multiple PSA tests over the years all with the same result.

Eventually, he underwent a blind biopsy. (This was, of course, before we’d ever had the honor of meeting Dr. Joseph Busch and Mrs. Kathy Busch of the Busch Center.)

I remember that day vividly in my mind. As an only child, I was his designated driver after the procedure.

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen my father cry. One was when his father passed; the other is the day of his biopsy.

He was scared to hear the words, “you have prostate cancer.”

He was scared to have to face me with those same words.

The waiting felt endless. For the procedure. For the result.

While the biopsy found nothing, I was concerned something had been missed as this new health issue arose.

But this time, we turned to Busch Center.

Dr. Busch and Mrs. Kathy spent two hours with us, including the procedure and in-depth explanation of the result: not cancer.

Sometimes knowing what something isn’t is just as helpful to find what is.

Dr. Busch and Mrs. Kathy brought us peace of mind with an accurate diagnosis, quailing our nagging “did the doctors miss something?” feeling that followed a blind biopsy.

If any sign points to prostate cancer, please – call the Busch Center first. There are many reasons why a man’s PSA can be elevated. There are multiple explanations for a blood clot.

Stop blind biopsies!

Because if you do have prostate cancer, Dr. Busch will find it and treat it in the safest, most effective way possible with TULSA.


A grateful daughter