TULSA Procedure

Busch Center is proud to be one of few elite centers to offer groundbreaking TULSA (Transurethral Ultrasound Ablation) Procedure. This is an effective treatment option for prostate cancer or BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy) with no incision or radiation and minimal side effects.

What is TULSA?

The TULSA Procedure is a customizable, predictable and incision-free ablation of a defined region of the prostate. This approach allows Dr. Busch to customize your treatment plan to your specific needs.

The TULSA Procedure may be a suitable first-line treatment. The main objective of TULSA is to ablate diseased prostate tissue while protecting surrounding organs and structures. This will help preserve your natural functional abilities – ensuring your quality of life.

The TULSA Procedure works by delivering precise doses of sound waves to destroy diseased prostate tissue while protecting the healthy tissue surrounding the cancerous cells.



TULSA uses High Intensity Direction Ultrasound to ablate the prostate instead of ionizing radiation.


TULSA is a minimally invasive treatment that allows most patients to return to their normal activities within days.


Dr. Busch customizes treatment based on your individual needs and disease.


TULSA is performed in a single session that takes a few hours and is usually conducted under managed anesthesia care (MAC) with multimodal pain management (MMP). After the treatment, Dr. Busch will consult with you before sending you home the same day.


TULSA provides comparable or better than outcomes for erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence when compared to other prostate cancer treatment options.


Clinical evidence has shown that neighboring organs such as the rectum are not affected by the TULSA Procedure. The system directs the ultrasound energy towards the areas of the prostate Dr. Busch plans to treat, while also actively protecting the areas not to be treated.

Dr. Busch is one of the few physicians in the U.S. trained to perform the revolutionary TULSA Procedure. In his capable hands, this customizable, predictable and incision-free treatment option results in positive outcomes with virtually no side effects, which helps preserve men’s quality of life after cancer treatment.

The TUSLA Procedure has been proven to work as well as a full prostatectomy, but without the awful, life-altering side effects.  

Dr. Busch uses state-of-the-art MRI imaging during the procedure, allowing him to see precisely where the cancer is located. That way, he can target the cancer accurately, treating only the diseased tissue and not damaging any of the adjacent healthy tissue, nerves or organs.


The TULSA Procedure is performed in combination with real-time MR Imaging, directional thermal
ultrasound, and a closed-loop temperature feedback control. TULSA treatment is delivered in an MRI examination room.

During the treatment, the ultrasound energy is delivered through the urethra directly to the targeted tissue in the prostate (inside-out ablation). The energy does not come through the rectum, leaving the rectum preserved. TULSA has rectal and urethral cooling throughout the treatment to further protect these structures from any unintended heat.

TULSA Fact Sheet

Would you like more information on how the TULSA Procedure works? Download this helpful fact sheet with details about the procedure and all of its benefits for treating prostate cancer and BPH.

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