Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming–no one likes to hear the big “C.” That’s why at Busch Center we want to go the extra mile to take care of mind and heart as well as your body. Here’s a list of resources you can use to find more information and support.


US TOO International, Inc

This site offers a wealth of information in order to help men make decisions on prostate cancer testing, surveillance, and treatment. US Too provides a nationwide network of support groups, support services, educational materials, and events  for men with prostate cancer and for their wives and families.

The New Prostate Cancer InfoLink 

User-friendly and personalized prostate cancer information from the world’s leading experts in the fields of diagnosis and treatment.

The New Prostate Cancer InfoLink Social Network 

Meet other patients, wives, and healthcare professionals all talking about how to deal with prostate cancer.

The National Cancer Institute

Dedicated to cancer research, NCI provides hundreds of pages of information about cancer including diagnosis, treatment, policy, and research.

The American Cancer Society

Nationwide, community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem. The site provides information on cancer topics and scientific research, support groups, and cancer recovery programs


The American Cancer Society’s Complete Guide to Prostate Cancer

Encyclopedic introduction to the disease

Prostate Cancer, What Every Man – and His Family – Need to Know

Information on prostate cancer, diagnosis, and treatment options