Busch Center First to Use Advanced Imaging To Pinpoint Previously Undetectable Spots for Better Prostate Cancer Outcomes


Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among men, and the second leading cause of men’s cancer death in the United States.* That’s why Busch Center, a new state-of-the-art MRI prostate imaging facility, has opened in Alpharetta, GA. The experts at Busch Center pride themselves at detecting prostate cancer earlier and locating it more accurately than the current standard of care.

Busch Center, located at Brookside Concourse 100, 3650 Brookside Pkwy, Suite 175, has an innovative, non-invasive approach to detecting prostate cancer. Just like mammograms forever changed the outcomes for breast cancer through early detection and diagnosis in the 1970’s, Busch Center uses advanced imaging as part of a paradigm shift in prostate cancer detection.

“The key to successful cancer treatment is early detection,” says Dr. Joseph J. Busch, MD Oncological Radiologist. “The current guidelines in America over diagnose, under diagnose and miss an astonishing 30-40% of the cancer. We use the most advanced, least invasive technology available to properly screen men for prostate cancer and to accurately diagnose.”

Busch Center is the first private prostate center of excellence in the United States, combining precise imaging with personalized care. They offer MRI imaging, using the Siemens fourth-generation 3T imaging, to detect small prostate cancer lesions. Busch Center offers real-time imaging of the prostate while performing MRI Guided In-bore Targeted Biopsy with ADC Mapping, which is the most accurate biopsy method in the industry. Dr. Busch is a prostate imaging pioneer, who has been using the most sophisticated imaging for more than a decade. Every service and protocol at Busch Center are based on evidence-based medicine that is already the standard of care in Europe.

The “visible radiologist” present at the Busch Center is one of the things that sets them apart from other practices. Busch Center patients sit with the radiologist immediately following their scan to review their images and get their results while they’re in the office – no waiting and no worrying. The team provides personalized, compassionate care to every patient and their family.

“Busch Center’s team is making a positive difference for men who have prostate cancer,” says Dr. Busch, who also uses his imaging to determine patients’ response to therapies. “Where other medical teams use standard of care practices, Busch Center goes above and beyond to accurately evaluate responses to therapy to improve the quality of each patient’s life.”

About the Busch Center
Based in Atlanta, patients come to Busch Center from across the country and around the globe because of their high standards, personalized care, compassionate team, high-tech equipment, and state-of-the-art facilities. Busch Center’s team understands that every patient’s situation is different and – regardless of their specific circumstances – being diagnosed with prostate cancer is overwhelming and scary. Dr. Busch and his team talk to patients, answer their questions, review their scans, provide test results during the office visit, explain every procedure, and provide personalized recommendations for care plans based on evidence-based medicine.

Busch Center draws on the experience and methodologies used in Europe, where guidelines are different (and better) than they are in the US. Busch Center is setting a new (better) standard of care for prostate cancer screenings and treatments, and their patients experience better outcomes.

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*Source: Cancer.net, Statistics adapted from the American Cancer Society’s (ACS) publication, Cancer Facts and Figures