Patients come to Busch Center because of our personalized care, compassionate team, visible radiologist, and next-generation technologies. We understand that every patient’s situation is different and, regardless of their specific circumstances, being diagnosed with prostate cancer can be overwhelming and scary. Busch Center is different than other prostate cancer imaging facilities, and is the only facility in metro-Atlanta offering:

  • An innovative approach that’s setting a new standard of care for prostate cancer diagnosis
  • Early cancer diagnosis through proactive screening, which leads to better outcomes
  • Next-generation technology – a Whole Body Diffusion (MRI) – which pinpoints cancer accurately throughout the body
  • MRI-guided In-bore Targeted Prostate Biopsy with real-time imaging, the most effective and specific prostate biopsy available
  • Visible radiologist onsite who sits with each patient immediately following their MRI to review their results and map out a personalized care plan, meaning less waiting, worrying, and fear for patients and their loved ones
  • The right approach (surveillance or treatment) at the right time, in the right sequence for better quality of life
  • Personalized, compassionate care from a team of experienced prostate MRI professionals

A New Approach to Prostate Cancer

Busch Center is establishing a higher industry standard of care for prostate cancer.  Our innovative approach to proactive screening is life-changing – like how screening mammography was life-changing for breast cancer patients.

Many other facilities in the U.S. miss initially diagnosing cancer due to ineffective imaging and protocol. Furthering the problem, the current methodology in America for patients diagnosed with prostate cancer is to use the bone scan and / or CT scan to determine if and where the prostate cancer has spread, but these common protocols miss an astonishing 30-40% of the cancer. 

At Busch Center, we do things differently.

Dr. Busch uses groundbreaking next-generation imaging technology to detect even the smallest volume of cancer cells.  He can find cancer that can’t be felt or seen on ultrasounds, in an examination, or through inferior scans. 

Dr. Busch is a prostate imaging pioneer, who has been using the most sophisticated imaging for more than a decade.  Every service at Busch Center is based on evidence-based medicine. 

Busch Center’s Process to Accurately Diagnosing Prostate Cancer

Every patient’s circumstances are different, and we provide personalized, compassionate care during every step of each journey.

Our prostate cancer screenings are non-invasive, with no needles, contrast or radiation used. 

We’re also one of the very few American practices, and the only out-patient imaging center in Atlanta metro-area, to offer MRI Targeted In-bore prostate Biopsy – the most accurate prostate biopsy method available today. 

Once a patient is diagnosed with prostate cancer, we “stage” it to determine whether it’s considered low, intermediate, or high-grade cancer.  We also determine whether the cancer has progressed beyond the prostate gland (local, regional or distant disease).

Traditionally in America, regardless of the stage, many doctors immediately suggest surgery or radiation for prostate cancer.  Some physicians recommend radical surgeries, such as total removal of the prostate gland, which is often unnecessary and has multiple harmful side effects.  Unlike other practices, we use a next-generation Whole Body Diffusion MRI – a highly accurate, non-invasive technology to pinpoint the precise location(s) of the cancer, so it can be targeted accurately and successfully.

Our Visible Radiologist

Dr. Busch sits with patients immediately following their MRI to review their results and map out a personalized care plan. Having a visible radiologist onsite means there is less waiting, worrying, and fear for patients and their loved ones. Patients leave informed and in control of their health journey.

Busch Center team members are available to talk with you, answer your questions, explain every procedure, and provide recommendations for your customized care. Please contact us today at 770-424-6270 or