What’s worse than finding out you have prostate cancer? Not finding out you have prostate cancer until it’s too late. The fact is, one in nine men is diagnosed with prostate cancer. For African American men, that number is one in six. Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men.

Just like breast cancer requires early detection through mammograms, prostate cancer requires early detection through MRI screenings – or as one of our colleagues calls them “mannograms” – beginning around age 45.

Busch Center features non-invasive, advanced prostate cancer MRI screenings that are a life changer for men’s health, similar to how mammograms were life-changing for women’s health. 

“Their” Outdated Protocols

The medical industry is often forced to provide cookie-cutter care based on insurance standards.  At many facilities in the U.S., practitioners miss diagnosing cancer completely due to ineffective imaging and outdated practices. The current methodology in America is for patients to be screen through a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) check and a DRE (Digital Rectal Exam) in the doctor’s office. Unfortunately, we now know that elevated PSAs are not a cancer marker and DREs miss 60% of the prostate gland.

Yet, these incomplete exams often result in men undergoing painful 12+ needle blind biopsies that miss 30-40% of the cancer and ultimately leads to aggressive procedures that have a 30% recurrence rate and leave men wearing adult diapers and unable to achieve an erection.

While these methods may have been the best we could do 20 years ago, the medical industry can do much better today for our patients. In fact, Europe is already requiring that all men have a Mannogram – prostate MRI screening – prior to being biopsied, and Busch Center is doing the same.

The Busch Center Approach to Diagnosing Prostate Cancer

Busch Center breaks free from out-of-date, inaccurate practices that include unnecessary and painful biopsies, riddled with multiple needle sticks and harmful side effects.

Based on 40+ years of hands-on experience and extensive research, Busch Center’s team leverages cutting-edge MRI technology and evidence-based medicine to improve accuracy and bring compassionate, personalized care back to cancer screening and diagnosis.

Busch Center is able to diagnose prostate cancer earlier and more accurately than other practices/approaches.  Dr. Busch has read more than 15,000 mpMRI scans and performed and more than 1,700 MRI in-bore targeted biopsies over the last 11 years. Combining his experience with the highest quality MRI imaging available at Busch Center, the team can uniquely detect cancer that cannot be felt or seen on ultrasound, in physical examination or in sub-par screenings. Our earlier, more accurate prostate cancer detection leads to better outcomes.

Busch Center offers state-of-the-art, next-generation screenings to:

  • Detect prostate cancer, accurately and early.
  • Determine if (and where) cancer may have spread beyond the prostate.
  • Determine whether cancer treatments are working.

Many of our screenings are non-invasive, with no side effects, and no needles, contrast or radiation used.   Our approach is more comfortable, accurate and effective for our patients.  We compare our screenings to a mammogram for men (a “mann-o-gram”) because we are uniquely able to diagnose even the smallest area of cancer using our state-of-the-art imaging services.  This is a game-changer and a key differentiator for our practice.

Our best-in-class services include a Whole Body MRI, which allows us to detect even the smallest areas of cancer early.  We’re one of the only facilities in America that offers In-bore biopsies, the most effective biopsy in the industry because of it’s extreme level of specificity.

Busch Center uniquely offers a visible radiologist.  Every patient sees the doctor to discuss their case and best course of action.  Patients receive results during their office visit – no waiting and wondering.  Our doctor reviews your scan with you and discusses recommended personalized next steps for your care. 

Our patients appreciate our:

  • Non-invasive testing with no needles, contrast or radiation.
  • Early, accurate diagnosis, which leads to better outcomes.
  • Best-in-class technologies, which can detect even the smallest areas of cancer.
  • Comfortable process, with no side effects.
  • Visible radiologist, who reviews your scans with you at your appointment and talks about recommended next steps.
  • Belief that not all prostate cancer requires treatment.  Sometimes active surveillance is the right next step.

We know that every patient’s situation is different and – regardless of their specific circumstances – being diagnosed with prostate cancer is overwhelming and scary.  At Busch Center, we provide personalized, compassionate care during every step of each journey.