Know Before You Know

Prostate cancer is the second most common form of cancer in men, besides skin cancer. In the United States, 1 in 9 men is diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime; for African American men, the risk increases to 1 in 6. As a state, Georgia ranks among the highest incident rates of prostate cancer in the nation.

Early Prostate Cancer Detection is Key

Because prostate cancer is frequently asymptomatic – meaning there are no visible symptoms – regular MRI screenings are recommended to ensure cancer is detected early. Early prostate cancer detection prevents:

  • Cancer spreading to other body parts, such as the bones, brain and liver.
  • Unnecessary prostatectomies – removal of the prostate – which bring lifelong, serious side effects, such as:

Incontinence – needing to wear a diaper
Impotence – inability to achieve an erection

You and your loved ones deserve better outcomes.

Know Before You Know

Atlanta men, we encourage you to Know Before You Know through proactive prostate MRI screening! Just like mammograms were life-changing for women in the 1970s, prostate MRIs – “mannograms” – will be life-changing for men in the 2020s.

At Busch Center, proactive prostate MRI screenings are quick and painless. In less than an hour you will be scanned using 3T MRI that will detect even 3mm of cancer with:




Plus, at Busch Center, we have a visible radiologist onsite, ready to review your results with you following your screening – eliminating the waiting and wondering. 

Our early, accurate technology leads to better outcomes for men and their loved ones.

About Busch Center

Busch Center’s state-of-the-art facility in Alpharetta, GA is different (and better) than other prostate cancer screening facilities. Busch Center offers:

  • A unique proactive, minimally invasive approach that’s setting a new standard of care for prostate health.
  • A variety of next-generation, non-invasive screening technologies, which allow us to diagnose cancer earlier and more accurately, resulting in better outcomes for our patients.
  • A visible radiologist that sits with each patient immediately following their MRI to review results and map out a personalized care plan meaning the right approach (surveillance or treatment) at the right time, in the right sequence.

Busch Center provides personalized, compassionate care from a team of experience professionals.

Take control of your health!

Contact Busch Center today to schedule your prostate MRI screening. Our expert radiologist and friendly staff are available to assist you.

While any type of cancer screenings or diagnoses can be scary, Busch Center’s talented, experienced team works with each patient to keep them comfortable, informed and optimistic through every step of their health journey.  Please contact us today.