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Busch Center offers personalized medicine and compassionate care. Following your MRI scan or biopsy, you will sit with the Radiologist to review your case and determine the appropriate next steps. We always seek to provide the most effective, least invasive options that will minimize side effects and provide the highest quality of life for each patient.

Know Before You Know: Screening

One in nine men is diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. For African-American men, that number is one in six.

At Busch Center, we know that preventative care is the best care because early detection saves lives. Just like women are routinely screened for breast cancer, a regular MRI screening of the prostate ensures the prostate is in good health and detects abnormalities before they become an issue.

Take control of your health. Proactive screening leads to early diagnosis.


Have you been told that your PSA is elevated and you need a biopsy?

Have you been told that your biopsy or scan is abnormal or that you have prostate cancer?

This can be a scary time for you and your family, but a diagnosis doesn’t always require treatment. In some instances, active surveillance is the best approach.

With 40+ years of experience, Busch Center’s team works with men at every stage of prostate health. Busch Center uses cutting-edge technology, compassionate care and evidence-based medicine to offer informed opinions and determine the best course of action (surveillance or treatment) for you.


Prostate cancer doesn’t always require treatment. Sometimes surveillance is all that’s necessary. If your specific situation does require treatment – such as surgery, radiation, or focal therapy – we are here to guide the treatment process and to perform your post-treatment imaging, surveillance and care.

Busch Center offers personalized, compassionate care every step along your health journey.