Screening Biparametric MRI

What is Biparametric MRI?

Biparametric MRI (bpMRI) is a valuable, noninvasive screening tool for men who are concerned about their prostate health, have a family history of prostate cancer, or have a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) over 1.5 mg/ml.

Busch Center has one of very few highly trained experts able to perform this innovative type of MRI. There are significant benefits to this approach, including no needles, no contrast and no radiation, making it a more comfortable experience for Busch Center patients.

bpMRI can help determine (or rule out) possible prostate cancer, allowing men who are unlikely to have significant disease to avoid unnecessary biopsies.

What are the Benefits?

There are significant benefits to this approach, including:

No needles, no contrast and no radiation.

Simple and fast, usually taking only 30 minutes to perform.

Reduces the need for an unnecessary random prostate biopsy, as well as the possible infections and complications that may arise post-biopsy.

Provides earlier, more accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer, which leads to better outcomes.

“Dr. Busch’s focus on the data and evidence-based medicine helped me with piece of mind and feeling like an active player in my future prostate health. I greatly appreciate and value the amount of time he spent to ensure I understood what he was looking at with my bpMRI reading and how that forms my action plan going forward. The unhurried vibe to our visit and conversations with Dr. Busch was awesomeness!” 

What to Expect

Upon the arrival to Busch Center for your Screening bpMRI you are greeted by our friendly staff and escorted to a comfortable waiting area equipped with a private restroom where you change out of your clothes and into a set of scrubs and slippers waiting just for you. Personal items may be placed into a locked locker.

You are then taken to the MRI suite where you’re greeted by our expert MRI technologist who asks just a few questions before beginning the scan. This screening is simple, quick and painless.

You lay on your back on the MRI table which slides you into the MRI machine. Our MRI machine has a 70 cm opening – one of the largest available – and ear plugs are provided with your choice of music playing, making the experience as relaxing as possible.

The MRI technologist is able to see, hear and speak with you, using a two-way intercom during the entirety of the MRI.

After the MRI, Busch Center’s Visible Radiologist sits with you and your loved ones to review the scan, explain findings, and recommend next steps – eliminating the waiting and worrying.

Busch Center’s expert staff are here for you every step of your health journey.

Ready to Schedule Your bpMRI?

Take control of your health by scheduling a consultation using our online patient portal today. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly staff at 770-424-6270.