Our Vision

Each body is unique and responds to health issues in a unique way. Yet, the medical industry, guided by insurance companies, forces doctors into providing one-size-fits-all care. Busch Center sets the standard for cancer patients through our personalized, compassionate approach to screening and diagnosis.

Setting the Standard


What sets Busch Center apart from everyone else? Our visible Radiologist provides personalized medicine using next-generation technology. Once a patient’s scan is complete, Dr. Busch reviews their specific case with them to explain what’s happening, show them their scans, answer questions, and determine the next step based on the results.

Busch Center is not restricted by insurance companies so we don’t have to meet quotas or follow outdated protocol. Instead, Busch Center patients benefit from:

  • Earlier detection and diagnosis, which leads to better outcomes and a better quality of life.
  • Next-generation technologies, including a Whole Body MRI, which allows us to practice precision cancer diagnosis with no needles, no dye, and no side effects.
  • MRI In-bore Targeted Biopsies – the most effective biopsy available.
  • A visible Radiologist who reviews your scans immediately, explains the results, and answers questions at your appointment – no waiting and wondering.
  • Personalized medicine that brings the right approach (surveillance or treatment) at the right time, in the right sequence.

Our approach is based on our team’s 40+ years of hands-on professional experience. We actively participate in national and international research organizations, as well as track and contribute to the latest scientific advancements around the world.

We bring our comprehensive knowledge and best-practices approach to each of our patients so that they get the individualized, compassionate care they deserve every step of the way: from screening to diagnosis to post-treatment scans.

Setting the Standard


The medical industry is forced to provide cookie-cutter care based on insurance standards. Busch Center breaks free from these out-of-date practices that include unnecessary and painful biopsies riddled with multiple, harmful side effects.

Based on 40+ years of hands-on experience and extensive research, Busch Center’s team leverages cutting-edge MRI technology and evidence-based medicine to improve accuracy and bring compassionate, personalized care to cancer screening and diagnosis.

The future of cancer care is the visible Radiologist. That’s what we offer, and that’s what we feel is a key element lacking in today’s medical industry because of the current standard of care. Each of our patients sees the Radiologist the day of their scan to get immediate results and determine next steps. There’s no waiting or wondering for Busch Center patients, and there is no cookie-cutter approach to recommending next steps.

We invite the medical community to help us set the standard – a higher standard of care – for prostate health.