MRI In-bore Targeted Biopsies

Busch Center is one of very few practices in America – and the only facility in Georgia – to offer MRI In-bore Targeted Biopsies with ADC Mapping, the most accurate biopsy in the industry.  This highly specific technology allows Dr. Busch to place the needle precisely on the potential cancer, while looking at the prostate through state-of-the-art imaging.  This ensures a more accurate diagnosis and a more comfortable patient experience.

The Disadvantages of “Standard” Prostate Biopsies

Other prostate cancer screening facilities still conduct “standard” prostate biopsies. This generally involves multiple needle sticks to take 12+ blind and random samples. Since these technicians are using ultrasound – not MRI – they aren’t able to detect tumors, and they can’t differentiate between possible cancer and healthy tissue. Using this system, the physician can’t see precisely where to aim their needle and, therefore, can only guess at where the cancer might be, capturing cells blindly – or at random. 

These standard biopsies have numerous disadvantages, including:

Significant inaccuracies.

Physicians misdiagnose cancer 30% of the time (false negatives) using this method because the blind needle biopsies often neglect to capture cancerous cells.

Errors in determining the cancer’s stage and aggression level.

This happens frequently when the blind samples miss the most dangerous cancer cells and instead capture cells on the fringes.

Unnecessary pain and discomfort for the patient.

This approach requires 12+ needle sticks that are done randomly and blindly. Whereas the Busch Center reduces this number to less than 4 with precise accuracy. 

The need for repeat biopsies.

Often, patients’ PSA levels continue to rise, indicating that prostate cancer could be present, despite (false) negative results, and they have to repeat this painful, stressful procedure.

The Significant Advantages of MRI In-bore
Targeted Biopsies with ADC Mapping

The good news: groundbreaking technical advances have given Busch Center’s experts innovative new tools to conduct better, more effective, more accurate prostate biopsies.  Busch Center uniquely offers MRI In-bore Targeted Biopsies with ADC Mapping, the most effective biopsy in the industry.

At Busch Center, a state-of-the-art MRI captures three-dimensional scans of a patient’s prostate, allowing Dr. Busch to accurately see a suspected tumor, place a needle precisely into that spot, and capture potentially cancerous cells for testing with only 2 to 4 needle pricks. Not only can Dr. Busch view the location, shape and size of cancer-suspicious areas, but he can also interpret the aggression level of these areas (e.g., low-, intermediate- or high-grade cancer).

This advanced, highly specific approach offers numerous – and significant – advantages, including:

More accurate, earlier diagnosis of prostate cancer, which leads to better outcomes.

The ability to see a holistic picture of the prostate, directly target suspicious areas, and capture the most aggressive cancer cells for a more accurate diagnosis.

Fewer, more targeted needle sticks, for a more comfortable patient experience with fewer side effects.

What to Expect

Preparing for the Biopsy

For the biopsy, patients will be asked to wear metal-free clothing and remove any metallic objects, such as jewelry, watches, and hearing aids.

Busch Center’s team members will walk through an MRI safety checklist with you, discussing your prior surgeries as well as metal implants, such as pacemakers, aneurysm clips, or joint replacements.

Prior to this procedure:

  • Provide Dr. Busch with a list of the medications you are taking, including herbal supplements.
  • Mention any allergies, especially to anesthesia and latex, as well as any recent illnesses or other medical conditions.
  • You may be asked to stop or decrease blood thinning medications to prevent excessive bleeding during and after the biopsy.
  • You may be instructed to take antibiotic pills for a day or two before the biopsy, to help prevent infection.
  • Eat light meals on the day prior to and on the day of your exam. This will help make it easier to insert the ultrasound probe or endorectal coil.
  • You may be asked to use an enema prior to your exam to help clear the bowel.

Research indicates that MRI In-bore Targeted Biopsies with ADC Mapping are far superior than other biopsy methods.  Busch Center is proud to offer this best-in-class service at their Alpharetta, GA imaging center, providing our patients with the most superior diagnostic option available.